Meet Nelsie, my favourite Teddybear. She’s not my favourite because she is the prettiest bear, nor because she was a gift from someone special. In fact, I won her at the annual TT carnival in Assen when I was a kid.


Nelsie is not a regular teddybeer though. She’s white, has cute fabric with blue flowers for cushions and a sweet smile. Actually, she looks like she could be Ted’s overweight aunt.

That, together with her paws, makes her the perfect pillow: when I read in bed, I place her tummy underneath my head and her legs in my neck, so her chin and arms wrap themselves around my head. No regular pillow can compare to that!

So why bring a standard pillow on the Eurolines night bus from Utrecht to Aarhus when I can bring Nelsie? Then again.. a 20 something sleeping on the bus with her Teddybear… embarrassing! I found the perfect solution: Nelsie joined me in a pillowcase and I hoped no one would notice that the content of the pillow case was not an actual pillow. I thought it through: the opening of the case was on the upside, so Nelsie wouldn’t secretly slide out of it while I was sleeping.

Once I got drowsy, I put Nelsiepillow against the window and tried to get some sleep. Apparently that worked, because suddenly we made a stop at a remote gas station in Germany. Time had passed and my face felt wrinkled. My neighbour across the path in the bus had been sleeping too and looked at me puzzled.

When rearranging Nelsiepillow to find a more comfortable position, I understood why. As planned, Nelsie didn’t slide out the case. She did stick her head out of it, looking curiously across my hair. Now it didn’t just look like I took my Teddybear, but like I even brought my deary a sleeping bag.

I quickly pushed her head back in and gave my neighbour a look that was meant to say: ‘did you see a bear? You must be crazy’ and got up to breathe in some fresh air with the other wrinkle faced grown ups.

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